Promotion Div.

Q1: Do I need to be directly involved in the ideation or design process?

PXC Vietnam offers a full service package from ideation, design, production to delivery. Customers only need to make a decision, the preparation and implementation steps will be taken care of by us

Q2: Is PXC Vietnam capable of handling urgent orders?

Urgency and need to commit on time are always the characteristics of the advertising industry. We are always ready in any urgent case to serve our clients with our best.

Q3: Are you capable of serving multiple languages?

We can serve clients with 3 main languages: Japanese, English, Vietnamese

Q4: What actions will you take if the product manufactured does not meet the intended quality?

We always closely monitor each production step to ensure quality control and avoid arising problems. In case there are products does not meet expectations, we will correct it if possible to meet the requirements. If this is not possible, we will remove the error products.

Q5: I am considering shipping my product overseas. Does PXC Vietnam provide support for this?

PXC Vietnam has experienced in exporting products to more than 18 countries around the world.
We can support exporting products to overseas with many suitable conditions for clients (CIF, FOB, …)

Q6: How are you different from other advertising agencies or promotion companies? What is unique about PXC Vietnam?

With Japanese standards, we are always committed to provide good quality products and strictly follow the delivery time.
In addition, serving many full services in the field of advertising helps clients only need to work with PXC Vietnam, saving time in searching and managing many suppliers.

Q7: Which industries or markets are PXC Vietnam’s services particularly suited to?

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry and all fields because clients always have the need to promote their brands to target customers.
We mainly serve to foreign companies based in Vietnam because they are not yet knowledgeable about the Vietnamese market. With more than 10 years of experience in the advertising field in Vietnam, we will advise and make suitable proposals for clients.

Q8: What advantages does the collaboration between the Japan headquarters (PXC) and the Vietnam office bring to my business?

We can combine the strength of Japan (modern technology, creative ideas, more than 50 years of experience in advertising) with strength of Vietnam (more than 10 years of experience in Vietnamese market) to bring good ideas and proposals to clients. In addition, quick support for Japanese company or exporting is also supported quickly

Digital Development Div.

Q1: What types of projects can you handle in contract development?

We can handle system development, app development, replacement work, API development, and EC site construction (Japan, Vietnam, etc.).

Q2: What exactly does lab development refer to?

We secure certain resources throughout the year, and conduct development in iterations while setting goals for two weeks later in weekly meetings. Research and development are also possible. It is suitable for long-term projects. Development is possible at a lower cost than contract development.

Q3: Do I need any special equipment or hardware to use Pro Sound?

If it’s audio, you’ll need a speaker that can generate sound waves. It can also be output from smartphones and tablets.

Q4: What kind of Web APIs can I integrate using TSUNAGU? Can you provide specific use cases?

What kind of Web APIs can I integrate using TSUNAGU? Can you provide specific use cases?
It’s possible to have conversations in your native language and a foreign language by linking translation APIs and chat tools.

Q5: What process is needed to customize TSUNAGU?

We will hear your requirements and propose development if necessary, within the scope of what TSUNAGU can handle.

Q6: I’d like to place an ad on Qualia. Could you tell me about the conditions and fees for posting?

Please contact us directly.

Q7: What is the age distribution, gender, and interests of Qualia’s readers?

We are primarily supported by women in their 20s and 30s.

Q8: What is a bridge engineer? What role does it specifically play?

A bridge engineer is someone who understands both their native language and a foreign language. Specifically, they support from an engineer’s perspective during meetings and inquiries.